Now we can make space for energy once again

The colour tones of the trends which have inspired the Vitaminica Collection reference us to the natural world, invite us to take care of body and mind, and allow us to rediscover the aesthetics of Italian style.
We have been inspired by four trends – come and discover them in our collection

Research and Development:

The Technological Hub has been designed as the perfect place for meetings and technical discussions between Ceramics and Installers machineries company.
It is a
creative laboratory where we can experiment with, test out and customise high added-value ceramic prototypes and products, thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies and materials.
A place where new trends in the world of ceramics take shape.
34 Years of experience
4 Locations
2 Factories
200 Collaborators

30 years of
Made in Italy

We were founded in the most famous ceramics district in the world, a crossroads for companies and professionals in construction and architecture: the region’s centuries-old artisan culture has helped processes evolve, leading Vetriceramici to experiment with, examine and perfect the processing, applications and endless potential of materials, particularly grits for the world of ceramics producers.
Quality, innovation, research and design are a fascinating daily challenge for us that never gets old.
We work towards a dream: to bring the material to life.

Ethics and

We stay true to business models that focus on sustainability and social and economic responsibility.
In 2016, our commitment helped us achieve the important milestone of twenty years of ISO 9001 certification and confirm that we can uphold the high quality standards of our product, based on a constant focus on the environment during all production phases.