VetriceramiciBlogAlgodao for Vetriceramici, a story of distinctiveness
Algodao for Vetriceramici, a story of distinctiveness

Algodao for Vetriceramici, a story of distinctiveness

“Every clothing item is unique and distinctive….just as everyone of us is…”

Everything begins during a training course in Milan. It’s there that I meet Valentina. An outgoing girl from Latina who tells me her story, made of passion, creativity, curiosity and sacrifice. From that encounter the idea of doing something together is born. It had been a long time since I began thinking about pairing Vetriceramici products to other materials (not an easy feat) and with Valentina I finally succeded!


The brand conceived and founded by Valentina Cecinelli and Enzo Vanini is called Algodao_made and custom.  Their mission is all about the transformation of vintage clothing items, with the aim to recycle old ’70s and ’80s denim jeans to obtain contemporary products, original, up-to-date, and totally upset and redesigned. With this philosophy in mind, Algodao integrates in the fashion world, using different customization techniques, offering original items and first and foremost underlining the value of the Made in Italy design.  An original and unique story that begins from the brand name, in itself telling already much about the brand’s philosophy. The label is a little story of each item; on the label you can find the composition and the manufacturing technique. It’s from there that the name “Algodao” is born, that is “cotton” in Portuguese, the people importing cotton in Europe for the first time.

So, while making small talk, we find ourselves talking about clothing items to be matched with panels, clothing materials to be manufactured with Vetriceramici grits, tile designs to be used in decorating denim and in the blink of an eye everything morphs into the backstage of a fashion runway, where models are not made of flesh and bone, but are instead awesome ceramic panels in 1,20 by 2,40 size. It’s from there that we decide to make a photo shoot and to use Valentina and Davide’s picture. Two people, two concepts, two sectors, two companies, two stories to tell that for the occasion will become the leading actors for our Vetriceramici Cersaie 2017 edition movie.


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