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In the material, the elements meld and release energy, in a process which is unique each and every time.

From the Vitaminica collection, with inspirations from Sottsass’ Memphis Design and bold colours, we move on to a lack of graphics and pure texture for Cersaie 2022, in order to enhance our product and the expressive function of the material in and of itself.
We want to create connections, energy and lightness, generating emotions.

In the physics of light, all colours merge to form white. On the palette, the combination of colours produces black. The Vitaminica collection has unleashed the energy of colour to its fullest potential: everything comes together in black and white, with a contrast that is only apparent, while in reality it is the symbol of a close and profound union.

From the radical changes which have accompanied humanity over the last three years, there emerges an historic opportunity for the ceramics industry, related to the ability to meet the new demand from the market and consumers.

Francesco Morace will speak about it during the event to be held at Vetriceramici’s stand at Cersaie. It will be an opportunity to reflect on future paradigms and trends which converge towards a request for integral quality, which can only be achieved by growing the value of products.

Digital technology creates an augmented reality, for which we increasingly feel the need to find an augmented sense of ethics and aesthetics, in keeping with the epochal changes we are living through.

Take part in the in-depth event
we will be waiting for you at our stand
on 27/09/2022 at 4:00 p.m.

Seats are limited and for those unable to attend the event, a video of the entire talk will be available on
We apologise for any inconvenience.