The widest range available on the market, both in terms of the number of products and the number of grain size selections.

Decoration at the press

Special products in various sizes with a wide range of ceramic effects and colours for using in new press decorative technologies for porcelain stoneware.


A new generation of colours and a complete series of ceramic effects featuring excellent colour rendering and high stability.

Traditional Applications

Vetriceramici Srl has a very wide product range available for traditional applications such as frits, engobes, glazes and screen printing powders.
These materials are manufactured with state-of the art technologies in order to maintain a consistent high-level quality.
The thorough customization to the production conditions of each of our customers makes it impossible to list them all.
Our teams of professionals are at your disposal anytime in order to adapt both application parameters and technical and aesthetical features after firing to your own specific needs.