VetriceramiciBlogEventsCersaie 2019, “All for Korium”
Cersaie 2019, “All for Korium”

Cersaie 2019, “All for Korium”


Cersaie 2019 just came to an end and it’s time for thoughts again.

It has been a special edition indeed for Vetriceramici-Ferro; not just new materials and new designs, but also the celebration of Ferro Corporation’s centennial. Great attention and appraisal for Korium, a material appearing on many of our tile panels that first and foremost wanted to demonstrate the versatility of this range of products; these are offered to our customers as ready-to-use solutions to obtain different surfaces for tiles such as stones, antique marbles but also outdoor tiling materials. In a time when large slabs are obtaining a widespread success on the tile market and are also occupying the interior decorator’s world, it is fundamental to be able to offer functional and matter-rich surface solutions.

All materials are available now in our Show Room, Don’t lose it!






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