VetriceramiciBlogColori e smaltiOur fair is called Cersaie-6 km of pipes and 36.000 brass joints
Our fair is called Cersaie-6 km of pipes and 36.000 brass joints

Our fair is called Cersaie-6 km of pipes and 36.000 brass joints

The ceramic fair is called Cersaie. No doubt about this. A product fair for sure, but above all a showcase, brand, image and relationship fair. A meeting point that gets everybody together, tile manufacturing companies, end users, large dealers, and that extended microcosm of suppliers and partners that every day strive with their efforts to build and strenghthen a sector that seems to have forgotten the great hardships of the past years. For Vetriceramici, a succesful edition. We were paid many compliments by everybody visiting us and we were really happy of the results we obtained. The big news has been the adjoining booth. Vetriceramici-Ferro Spa presents itself, after two years since the takeover, as one booth showcasing both brands, Ferro on one side choosing to recreate an old herbalist shop location and Vetriceramici showing up as a fresher and more up-to-date space using the jeans mood. The ambience we tried to reproduce followed the Levi’s 4.0 trend, presenting tile panels in a 50s frame updated to contemporary concepts. What made this experience unique was dedicating a big space to conviviality. For the first time, customers have been surrounded by the Vetriceramici-Ferro Spa brand construction, seeing us as a large group with different features, but today as tight as ever. The choice of the booth structure has been no chance, with scaffolding pipes used au naturel to underline the importance of the brass joints. The joint, which you cannot exclude in order to keep the structure standing, also bore an important symbolic value in that it represented the union and the foundation on which to lay the supporting structure of the Vetriceramici-Ferro Spa value.

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