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The space around you is destined to change forever. We have created surfaces that interpret the contemporary and project it towards a future where humanity and technology express, in symbiosis, the best of themselves.

The new Colored Luxury Surfaces are a tactile and visual experience that gives an unprecedented meaning to the concept of structural and chromatic depth.

Recounting them is difficult, it is necessary to experience them in person, only in this way will the luxurious decorative harmonies convey all their value, expressed through their full and homogeneous colors, surprising textures, and innovative effects.

We are inviting you to experiment a broad and fascinating range of perceptions, that follow two important macro trends: Smooth and Luxury Hyper Glossy. These trends emerged from the study carried out in collaboration with Carlin, a creative trend bureau in Paris.


Luxury Hyper

It is time to discover every specific facet:

Natural Pink

Appreciated by GenZ and Millennials for its gender fluidity

Ultra Blue

The powerful eyecatcher capable of dominating the field of vision

Sumptuous Bronze

Which is the perception of hot metal

Creamy Yellow

Fresh and soft like lemon ice cream

Sensitive Coral

Ideal for enhancing details

Digital Peacock

A reflection of the depths of water

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