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Colour is what hits the eye before even shape and form, and therefore excites and communicates.
The surfaces of the new VITAMINICA collection evoke this approach, in a refined dedication to the most on-trend colours.

Giulio Zanet shares the same wavelength – he is an artist who paints a lot but draws very little, because the marks come only after the ‘shapelessness’ of colour.

This principle is a further link of his works with Vetriceramici’s creations currently on display in the Annovi Contemporary Art Gallery in Sassuolo, because they are based on celebration of the tones in and of themselves, on the strength which they unleash independently of the surrounding geometries.

“During the pandemic, I lived in my studio, concentrating on my work, awaiting the chance to free the pent-up energy,”
says Zanet, an Italian artist – originally from Piedmont but living and working in Emilia – for whom colour is the key to his painting.

Finding his works on display next to the Vitaminica collection creates an interplay of interesting reflections: the work in parallel on the topic of colour leads both collections to communicate with and enhance each other.

Zanet’s works generally do not have titles, but the term Vitamina, or vitamin, characterises them well – “I could call them vitamina 1, vitamina 2, etc.,” Zanet reflects. In this case it is the product which inspires the artist, and not the other way round – another effect of the interesting reciprocal influence.

Giulio Zanet’s works can be seen at the Annovi Contemporary Art Gallery in Sassuolo alongside the Vitaminica Collection.

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