The Casola Valsenio production facility

Vetriceramici’s uniqueness can be found in its roots in Casola Valsenio.

In the valley traversed by the river Senio, on the borders of the Parco Regionale della Vena del Gesso Romagnola, just a stone’s throw from the Valsenio Abbey, lies a site that encapsulates the brand’s manufacturing heritage and which is a testament to a technological and innovative approach that is mindful of sustainability and of the need to reduce our environmental footprint.

Our facilities have been adapted in harmony with the social and economic setting of the local area, thereby becoming an asset that is integrated with nature and with nearby agricultural activities.

Structures and technologies

The total surface area of the site is in excess of 25,000 m2 spread over the two main factories, in turn flanked by several warehouse buildings. The kilns – “the fiery heart” of production in Casola – are constantly in operation in the factories, performing continuous processing cycles that are shut down only during scheduled maintenance periods.

These melting furnaces and granulators were designed in-house, based on exclusive and therefore unique designs, a veritable industrial treasure of Vetriceramici. The result of in-depth process knowledge, they stem from original ideas subsequently refined to achieve their current configuration.  In short, they are a truly ideal combination of technology and expertise.

The size of the site and the unique nature of the factories allow for considerable flexibility in production, which can thus be adapted to the most varied customer requirements. Thorough quality control, underscored by the industry’s most state-of-the-art equipment, prevails at every stage. Today, therefore, the Casola Valsenio factories stand as the point of arrival of a technological development that has remained focused on the end product.


The guiding philosophy in the management of resources at Vetriceramici is to reduce consumption and minimise our environmental impact.

Water management is central, and this vital resource is in fact purified and reused. Lamps switch on and off automatically, based on the presence of personnel, and are self-regulating depending on ambient light conditions. A 199 kW photovoltaic system has also been installed on the factories.

In general, the replacement of lamps, electric motors and pumps is carried out using lower consumption and higher efficiency components, leading to progressive energy savings on the site.

Sorted waste collection, including industrial waste, continues to be implemented, gradually incorporating additional areas of the site.

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