Due to the nature of its business and the direction of its mission, Vetriceramici has always paid great attention to issues linked to protecting the environment.

The company is constantly committed to minimising the environmental impact of its production and the effects on the environment of its factories, while fully complying with any relevant regulations.

In addition to being UNI EN ISO 14001 certified, Vetriceramici adopts internal reference standards for environmental aspects, which mean the company has to comply with particularly stringent environmental parameters, beyond existing environmental legislation, requiring continuous improvements year after year.

Alongside establishing operating procedures, these internal standards require all parameters to be self-assessed at least once a year.

Consume less,
live better


The issue of saving energy is also very important for Vetriceramici.
Over the years, projects have been carried out to streamline production lines and optimise consumption.
Furthermore, two solar roof panels started running at the Casola Valsenio factory in late 2010 and at the Spezzano site in 2012, respectively measuring 198 kW (1,400 m2) and 98.9 kW (701.8 m2), which helped generate electricity for in-house consumption and, consequently, helped lower CO2 emissions.

The issue of climate-changing gas emissions is becoming very important on the international scene, so much so that for us this area will be further improved over the next few years.

In terms of other atmospheric emissions, it should be clarified that the substances being monitored vary depending on whether or not hot working processes or processing are involved.


Water is a direct part of some of our production process phases, so it is a raw material for us.

Vetriceramici understands it uses a precious resource for the entire community and in recent years it has increased its efforts at all its sites to minimise the amount of water required in the production process.