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With a focus on the value of collaboration, CONSORZIO is born as the union of four significant entities within the Italian ceramic district with a common objective: “to offer coordinated organic solutions of techinique, design, and material.”

It is a tangible example of how making a difference together is possible, with each entity working with its own specificity. In this edition, the theme of research has sparked four concepts (Flaw – Balance – Pura – Twenties) in which each company has expressed its identity and values, pooling them together to offer the opportunity to experiment with new solutions creating innovative surfaces and different decoration purposes.

There is a breath of fresh air: hence the belief that CONSORZIO represents a different and winning model in the contemporary entrepreneurial and economic landscape, thanks to the synergy between creativity, research, inspiration, design, and unique materials.

Creativity according to some of CONSORZIO’s protagonists

 CONSORZIO awaits you

on April 17, 2024,
for the inauguration in Hall 1 of Digital Design,
at 53 Via Viazza II tronco,
41042 Fiorano Modenese (MO)

The presentation will continue till the end of July 2024.

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