Studio Square and Studio Out show a different finishing for the same stone. Square is the name of the so-called decoration tile, while Out refers to the outdoor finishing. They are both made from a material with extremely interesting properties; this is why we decided to call it “Design”.

Studio Out – Design

We did not choose the name by chance. It is not just and “abstract” name, but rather the description of its feature, i.e. a capacity to create and maintain optimum graphical definition and, without the use of punches, to give form to defined and “solid” geometric structures –  in the common jargon –  “THAT STILL STAND”.

Studio Square – Design

As a result, it allows the creation of an endless number of graphic designs on standard materials and especially on large format slabs.

Transparency and glossiness depend on the textured effect and can be adjusted according to the application and production line. Design can be used both with traditional and digital applications.

Design for IN & OUT: another distinguishing feature of this product is the possibility to be used for OUTDOOR ceramic collections. (R10 characterisation).

Materials are available in our Shoroom.

Design, Immagine and create