Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This ancient maxim incorporates a powerful truth: the value of a product or service depends closely on the care and taste which have been used in its creation.

We believe that it is ever-more important to embrace this kind of philosophy in doing business, focusing on aesthetics – taken with its original meaning of aesthesis, “feeling together”. Therefore, working together to create something ‘beautiful’, something which is perceived as positive and beneficial, and not just as convenient.

In our vision, every new design must incorporate a creative component designed to provide a significant benefit, certainly in economic terms, but equally from an ethical and social point of view. We are therefore talking about creativity which takes shape from the meeting of culture, technique and personal sensibilities, to develop around aesthetics useful to our community.

When entrepreneurial vision and artistic talent search for and reach an understanding, both receive impetus to improve, as we have had the chance to experiment with at Vetriceramici with the Collezione Vitaminica initiatives.

A certain amount of courage is required to venture down these entirely unusual paths, but only in this way is it possible to create a design with a human character which fully answers the mission of offering beauty to all eyes.

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