Avant-garde, technological progress, functional and decorative application: “FEELink is born by the opportunity to perfectionate the digital print process”.
The study of brand new digital materials allowed to evolve the glazing concept, creating the ideal combination to realize even more sophisticated products.

Enamelling world is evolving and transforming.
Applications of digital materials, glues and grits, decorate, structure and create surface 3D effects.
Low and high reliefs especially created with digital applications on glazes and engobes, in which the use of ceramic machines technology and materials are the true protagonists.
In this binomial, the features of materials to be used are decisive in order to obtain a high level yield in the production as well.

Image product: Amy

Image product: GreyMoodstone

Vetriceramici’s 3D is composed by a set of materials and glues that for their characteristic follow high quality standards and allow to obtain a perfect interaction with grits, which means unique and exclusive surfaces.
This is exactly the focus of FEELink, a work table, a chance to touch with hand the result of the collaboration of 3 important realities in the district, Gruppo Tecnoferrari, Esmalglass and Vetriceramici.

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