From the beginning, the desire driving us every day is finding the best solutions for the people around us, committing ourselves to operate at the highest quality levels.

We want to grow together with our customers and we know that the only way is to work with openness towards all our partners. Our job is the expression of real ethical values and social responsibility, in order to guarantee the best working conditions and sustain the conservation of the environment. Our commitment allowed us to reach an important goal: all our sites obtained the ISO 9001 (Quality) and OHSAS 18001 (Safety) certificates, thus successfully confirming the high quality standards of our products, which show significant “zero-emission” during all manufacturing stages.

The Casola Valsenio plant is subjected to an Environmental Integrated Authorization (AIA) and is equipped with the latest systems for wastewater and gas emission treatment, which undergo routine checks. The economical environmental yearly investment is almost 5% of sales nowadays.

In 2018 we started in our company a path for sustainable growth, working on drafting the first report on sustainability, a document that will allow us to show ourselves in whole openness to all stakeholders.

The sustainability report is a voluntary act, and witnesses an entrepreneurial approach based on the concept of sustainable development.

A document that summarizes the environmental and social policies, programs, goals and performances for the company.

We are following the international guidelines defined by the “Global Reporting Initiative”, that ask us to interact with stakeholders so as to share our results with everyone.


This Quality Policy sets out the business strategy developed by the Management to fulfil customers needs through an effective and efficient quality system.

We share our Quality Policy within our organization using the Intranet network and company message boards available to all employees.

The Management reviews this Quality Policy and its goals annually.


The implementation of our Quality System is based on the following principles:

  • Compliance with existing laws and regulations pertaining to the chemical sector and specifically related to applications on ceramics, glass and sheet metal, with a focus on safety and environmental issues;
  • Orientation to customers, as a key resource of the company, with identification of needs to be fulfilled and valuation of level of satisfaction;
  • Setting of targets, which are measurable, achievable and consistent with the business development;
  • Achievement of defined quality standards, with a focus on cost reduction obtained through limitation of production rejects and optimization of manufacturing processes;
  • Continuous improvement as a permanent goal of the Company;
  • Accountability and involvement of employees at any level of our organization, in order to constantly enhance effectiveness and efficiency of all business processes;
  • Creation of conditions, in all areas, in order to encourage the expression of ideas and proposals for improvement;
  • System- and process-based approach to management;
  • Development of training activities for the improvement of skills in all business functions;
  • Measurement and assessment of quality system efficiency by means of inspections and management reviews, with the adoption of corrective measures, if weaknesses and inefficiencies are detected;
  • Adoption of organizational, business, project and production methodologies enabling a prompt identification of market needs and a reduced time to market;
  • Introduction of a partnership policy with suppliers, who are invited to share our approach to quality and improvement plans.


Customers are our top priority. Customer satisfaction is the core value inspiring all our activities.

Among customer needs, Service plays a key role and is mainly translated into correctness, delivery reliability and utmost attention to pre- and post-sale assistance. Our offer is thus a combination of production flexibility, engineering, product, communication and service: essential conditions to compete successfully in a market, where the speed of change is a key factor for business development.

 Human Resources

The development of human resources is one of our key values: the constant enhancement of professionalism, teamwork motivation and market and customer awareness are essential to build product quality and performance. People is the only resource within the Company with no limits, both in terms of learning and development.

  • Particular attention must be paid to the following aspects:
  • Information, involvement, promotion of accountability at all business levels;
  • Clear definition of goals for the employees and recognition for their attainment.
  • Greater attention to the potential of human resources with the introduction of methods for the evaluation of skills, knowledge and abilities, in order to implement an improvement process that will result in an enhancement of professionalism both at individual and company level.
  • Working environment favouring joint learning;
  • Team building in all business areas;
  • Development of awareness for the internal customer as a relationship between the different parts of the Company.


Suppliers are seen as resources integrated in the Company; as such, they are involved in all decisions which affect them.

The relationship can be qualified as partnership only if the purchasing chain is a stable closed-loop system that can address the market and deal with its fast and frequent changes.

With the introduction of supplier classification the Company is able to increase the degree of cooperation and reduce acceptance controls, while implementing improvement plans that can broaden the range of services provided by the suppliers.

Internal processes

Internal processes, which are a key factor for the achievement of a high degree of customer satisfaction, lead to the creation of value for the customer.

  • Process-based management allows to:
  • identify responsibilities more easily
  • seek and eliminate activities that do not add value to the product (waste in processing)
  • steer towards the identification of value for the (internal and external) customer

Special attention will be paid to the standardisation and improvement of activities through continuous upgrading and updating of daily operations, with a focus on the elimination of activities that do not create added value and by promoting simplification, transparency and efficiency of internal operations.

Quality targets

Targets are set covering the main business processes and through the following 4 key areas:


  • Enhancement of customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of internal and external non-conformity
  • Turnover alignment to budget and target values
  • Improvement of service level
  • Constant launch of new products, based on internal research and development

Human Resources

  • Skills upgrading
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Lower labour costs in relation to the staff employed and turnover
  • Continuous training
  • Motivation

Internal processes

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction of (absorption and process) variances
  • Upkeep of preventive maintenance
  • Direct optimisation of maintenance costs with reference to production
  • Improvement of product internal quality
  • Reduction of warehouse inventory level
  • Reduction of slow-moving materials (in line with set targets) 

Environmental protection

  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduced generation of waste
  • Avoidance of environment incidents

Fiorano, April 3rd, 2019

The Management

Environmental, Health, Safety & Security Policy

  • Ferro Corporation considers Environment, Health, Safety & Security (EHS&S) as core values that are essential to its operations and constant success as a highly valued, environment-conscious Company producing high-performance, life-improving products and serving markets in line with global trends. To support its core values, within Vetriceramici-Ferro Spa production sites Ferro Corporation guarantees compliance with:
  • Continuous improvement of EHS&S performance based on the model “Plan – Do – Check – Improve”.
  • Performance setting and monitoring as an integral part of Ferro culture and in line with a constant improvement process according to our EHS&S system.
  • Adherence to state, regional and local laws and regulations and applicable corporate initiatives.
  • Employee involvement in the development of EHS&S-related policies, programs and activities proportionate to the nature, scale and environmental impact of our operations and products.
  • Raising awareness of environmental, health and safety issues in the workplace among our suppliers.
  • Prevention of accidents, occupational illnesses, pollution and safety & security breaches in the production site.
  • Compliance with Ferro Safety Standards and Ferro Environmental Standards.
  •  Adherence to Responsible Care Guidelines.
  • Ferro Corporation is committed to acting openly and protecting its personnel, customers, shareholders and the environment.

Ferro Corporation as a whole, together with its top management, gives high priority to the EHS&S policy and will implement it by means of base leadership, personal responsibility, effective training and communication, adherence to Core Values & Behaviours and the result of ongoing provision of services.

Annex I Rev-6 dd Sept. 13th 2017 – Environmental, Health, Safety & Security Integrated Manual


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