In his book L’alfabeto della Rinascita (The Alphabet of Regeneration), Francesco Morace talks about the driving force of the Italian world of enterprise, a force which is often misunderstood and underestimated, but in reality can be the spark which kindles the country’s regeneration.

His reflections have led to the creation of a handbook which aims to teach us to recognise our own potential, and to guide companies in becoming protagonists in their own development, in the period of radical economical, technological and social change we are currently living through.

One of the most important keys in this scenario consists precisely of gaining awareness of the value held by what is called Italian Human Design, our unique and peculiar way of developing initiatives and projects, with a focus on sustainability, the courage to subvert the existing paradigms and to aim towards responsible innovation.

When we embrace this outlook, we are consistent with our own nature, we work in a healthy manner, contributing to building living territories with a wide-ranging vision of sustainability, able to orient entrepreneurial culture for the next twenty years, with an inclusive, experimental, engaging and participative outlook.

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