Korium, materials to make different ceramic surfaces

Korium: Rock, Glam, Pop

Korium is 3 different ceramic finishes “ready to use just right and suitable for natural stones, metal plates, earthen floors, antiqued marbles and outdoor materials, with specific antiskid characteristics. Solutions to achieve different levels of softness to touch, maintaining the lowest light reflection. Korium Rock is suitable for all outdoor surfaces for its high anti-slip quality grade. The main Korium Rock characteristics are the hard touch aspect, (Respecting levels of antislip according to DIN 51130 from R9 to R13) the total lack of light reflection but at the same time the easiness to clean. With Korium Rock it is possible to readily obtain different surface levels so as to make it easy to manage in production.

The best solution to obtain natural, elegant, antiqued and soft-to touch surfaces, perfect for indoor solutions, is Korium Glam. For the first time the finish of the ceramic material gets so close to nature to make it as original as it could be. The very low light reflection and the softness to touch make this finishing interesting for all ceramic surfaces, big slabs included. Perfect to obtain antiqued, satin and silky surfaces.

Korium Pop is instead the most dynamic surfaces, suitable to research modern and charming finishes simulating clays, earthen floors, varnishes, metal plates, and NATURAL materials as plaster. The different application solutions allow obtaining very different surfaces, from silky looks to very soft matter surfaces able to simulate the “hand-made” look. All of this maintaining a very low light reflection and the uniqueness of the product. All materials are available in our show room.