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Kosmik black has rare evocative power.
The new grit of Vetriceramici enables one to create extremely glossy surfaces, with innovative design, as also creating products able to transform external avant-garde buildings appearances.
Our values find themselves in Kosmik Black where: tradition, innovation, territory, experience, and uniqueness become one.
This is the point of arrival, after much research into the concept towards a true and absolute, full and deep black consistancy.

Grits compared to which the others are simply just dark colors.

These are the features of a product that opens our eyes to a new perspectives in its application, destined to be a fundamental choice for those who are in search of the “true black”:

Transparent grit colored in melting

Different grain sizes

Airless and digital machine applications

Suitable for smoothing and lapping

Ideal for big slabs and decorations

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