Vetriceramici’s solution for dry application

Holistic Gold Stone belongs to the family of “precious” products and as such offers a wide selection of chromatic contrasts and a sense of depth in terms of graphics. This kind of product requires special finishings that exalt its glossiness, depth, natural effect and transparency.

The same features characterize KRYSTAL as well, that is now presented in the “PLUS” version, which was specially designed for dry application.

Through in-depth investigations, our research laboratory obtained for this product high performing features:

– maximization of transparency, which is important especially for black or dark products generally (most neutral black). This product has been realised with 6 color inks, including green and pink. 

– high level of compactness, low porosity

– maximum degassing of mixtures

– suitable for digital applications / controlled consumption

– optimum scratch resistance

– suitable for polishing and lapping

– mirror surface without “neon” effect

– and last but not least, SPECIAL ATTENTION TO CONSUMPTION.

All materials are available by our Show Room.