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It will be the library of essence, technique, natural materials and finishes, textures and applications.

The “fantastic world” of materials. Part of the stand will be used as a library environment wallpaper, I think we will have to stay in a modern or classic or just dreamlike concept. The other part, on the other hand, will represent the idea of a real library where books and materials will be included. (ALL TIME).

I do not rule out the possibility of presenting thematic tiles as well. The idea of self-supporting poles remains to show the tiles. The library envelops the stand, the interior is a social area. The big central table will be buffet style … and since we would not mind making a table where there are plants (garden / botanical). I would do something that comes from underneath and from above, food, plants, decorative flowers, pounds … barking … The real problem are the services I frankly do not know just how to do it.


Cinzia Lugli | Responsabile Marketing


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