The most researched aspect when talking about today’s finishing of terracotta and cement floors, walls and stuccoes is certainly an enhanced satin-like, soft-touch and material texture, evoking tradition, memories, history with a deep sense of modernity. Colour is a very important element to achieve this goal, but it cannot be the only one.

When we decided to produce “Terra Cruda”, our aim was to propose an avant-garde product that, while recalling the past, could be attractive for a younger audience. This is why we combined a modern finishing with a more traditional concept, a daring matching that proved to be quite interesting. Terra Cruda is a real hybrid, since its peculiar finishing makes it adaptable to many living environments and as many types of use. Metal Mix is the finishing we chose when developing this product to obtain a satin surface enriched with “transparent looks” and giving substance to a structural effect which is exactly the project’s disruptive element.

Metal Mix was applied by digital machine for dry application, and is included in our catalogue of high-resistance technical grits that are high performing and cut out for surface polishing and lapping treatments.

Material available by our Show Room.