We have the courage to seek exception in everything, to transform daily matter into extraordinary surfaces.

From Tuesday 20 October 2020, for about a month, new presentation “Exceptions”, at the Vetriceramici Showroom.


In the constant search for the exception, we have been inspired by the most innovative trends of contemporary architectural styles. Brutalism recalls the concept of raw material and evokes minerals and rocks that crystallize, that are planted in the ground as indestructible monoliths. From this inspiration come grits suitable for big slabs, it defines and maintains attention to the smallest detail.

The inspiration for the new minimal style led us to focus attention on details with a strong evocative force. Without cancelling the taste in design, we approach its essential sign. We associate stones and granites with earth, imagining a geometry that avoids the crowding of elements: a parabola curve, a circumference just evoked, a segment of clay. Minimal strokes to define the character of the surface and furnish a space with the courage of simplicity.

In ancient times, the construction of spaces followed a golden rule, a principle of geometric harmony from which the arch, the vault and the dome all descend. From this base, we then start in search of the exception: an insert of colour, a piece that interrupts the order and so on. Knowledge of materials, of their intrinsic nature, was a fundamental prerequisite for every craftsman of the past. Even today, the relationship with stones and ground remains fundamental for each of our products. The classic style thus returns to inhabit our places, as a paradigm that does not feel the weight of time.

Being inspired by luxury means moving oneself along a delicate line between excess and sumptuousness. It is always a venture, attempting to capture the richness and qualities of noble materials, aligned with an inherent balance in taste. With a luxury style, we find further creative challenges, because luxury is, by its very definition, an exception to the rules. We must look for new and alternative combinations, mixing mother of pearl, amethyst and gold reflections; we look for many solutions to create an experience that is out of the ordinary, to make a space absolutely and exquisitely exclusive.

The reference to the art of mosaics, with the patient juxtaposition of precious grains and enamels, expresses so well that sense of refinement, confident in its final effect.

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