Different kind of flakes studied for both full body and double charge use.
The real novelty of this series is the research of imitation of some details found in natural stones, such as travertine, slate, quartzite and modern terrazzos.

All flakes from Vetriceramici are marketed with controlled water content suitable to customers’ working conditions for both regular and big slabs sizes.

METALLIC flakes (gold, silver, copper, black) inside the body make for special effects upon interacting with light.

ULTRACROMO are monochromatic flakes in both 1-2 and 2-4 mm sizes that develop strong and vivid shades after firing, thanks to a body formulation allowing for intense colour expression.

POLICROMO are flakes in 1-5 mm size which special feature is to contain multi-chromatic stripes within each grain because of the combination of three different coloured slurries. The colour concentration in each slurry creates further shades, up to the final polychromatic flake, with very thin veins.

OPALINE flakes come in 1-2 mm size. Their features are clearness and a shiny surface, becoming significant in enriching materials even if in a small size.