Not just raw materials, but the outcome of the very history of Vetriceramici designing a unique range of materials out of knowledge and expertise.

The complex nuances of Vetriceramici’s surface range of proposals enclose rich and refined results, suitable for both big slabs and floors and walls but also for furniture items and decoration.

This grit family features aesthetically pleasing but functional surfaces. First of all, these materials allow for antislip and abrasion/scratch resistance functions and of course chemical attack resistance, whilst keeping a good and pleasant appearance for the resulting tiles.

3D surfaces are the outcome of research for suggestions rich in natural and matter beauty.
Now it is finally possible to speak of 3D SURFACES in ceramics also for large/extra large sizes and big slabs.

All materials suitable to obtain special surfaces and finishings, with a breakthrough visual impact belong to this product category.

Materials and grits belonging to the “Special V” family represent all SPECIAL Vetriceramici materials.