3D surfaces are the outcome of research for suggestions rich in natural and matter beauty.
Now it is finally possible to speak of 3D SURFACES in ceramics also for large/extra large sizes and big slabs.

3D effects are very interesting for kitchen countertop productions since they enrich the surface with natural uniqueness.

3D surface also means Total Dry application, thus implying a reduced water consumption and consequent energy saving in the process, an important sustainability feature especially in big size production.

3D BEFORE TECHNOLOGY è la soluzione adatta per prodotti molto strutturati e complessi graficamente. L’applicazione di graniglia avviene prima della decorazione digitale.

With 3D AFTER TECHNOLOGY the application of digital glue and grit happens after digital decoration. 3D results are synchronized with digital designs. The final polishing treatment highlights different relief depth levels for a perfect structure effect, both from a tactile and a matter appearance point of view.