The complex nuances of Vetriceramici’s surface range of proposals enclose rich and refined results, suitable for both big slabs and floors and walls but also for furniture items and decoration.

This kind of grits-more and more popular in time with our customers-are engineered to obtain unrivalled solutions in clearness and light reflection, besides ink-colour boosted value in both intensity and shades.

Grits from the KRYSTAL series are suitable for liquid suspension application for polished surfaces. The ultra-clear result of the final glass is something we are very proud of at Vetriceramici.
These materials guarantee in fact surface smoothness and deep clearness for dark and black shades.

Thermal expansion coefficient and technical features tailored on the customer needs ensure an easier polishing and surface treatment process after firing, so to enhance chemical and stain resistance.

KRYSTAL B-FASE is an innovative solution to perfect the result of matt polishing. A porosity-free and compact glass body is the result of a combined process in grit application, where two components bearing different technical features are used in an especially designed sequence one after the other.

This kind of glass is particularly suitable for matt polishing, a process often accompanied by chemical and stain resistance failures on the finished product because of te mechanical scratching nature of the final process.

The specifics of the two components may be adapted to customers’ specific process conditions and will work effortlessly in any situation, needing no special adjustments to the glazing line. The satin smooth finishing resulting from this process is the perfect balance between surface materials and polishing tools.

KRYSTAL PLUS is a ready-to-use material formula designed for grit dry application and surface polishing after firing.
An in-depth study by our R&D laboratory allowed the product to reach high-performance levels and countless advantages, especially for big slabs.

Krystal Plus is compatible with ink application. The absence of water in the process is fundamental to avoid unfired tile deformation upon glazing. High compactness and low porosity in the ensuing glass allow for optimal management of reaction gases developing from the body during firing.

The finished material will thus display clearness, neutral and strong colour shades and the best scratch resistance so to perform very well in market quality benchmarking.

BRIGHT KRYSTAL maintains all Krystal properties but adds special features such as metallic-shine, iridescent or glitter inclusions floating in the clear glass and appearing at their best in the backlight as texture material effects.