All materials suitable to obtain special surfaces and finishings, with a breakthrough visual impact belong to this product category.
KOSMIK, coloured grits obtained from smelting enrich materials and surprise for the ability to make stone, marble and wood tile reproductions so natural.

Grits are produced from smelted coloured frits so they may be used on technical materials for outdoor and/or high transit placement.

KOSMIK are smelted coloured grits with manifold technical-aesthetical characteristics. Their main feature is colour: intense, full, vivid, different from the shades obtained from just coloured inks.
Easiness of use, both for traditional and digital applications, make them versatile for any project.

Different grain sizes allow for liquid suspension application and dry application on glue, whether applied digitally or via traditional printing machines.

KOSMIK comes in both glossy and matt finishings, depending on the desired effect in order to better highlight the intense colours of natural surfaces, to enhance digital inks full-tile printing or just to add a creative touch to your unique ceramic collections.