This grit family features aesthetically pleasing but functional surfaces. First of all, these materials allow for antislip and abrasion/scratch resistance functions and of course chemical attack resistance, whilst keeping a good and pleasant appearance for the resulting tiles.
Grain sizes in this range furthermore guarantee suitability for the most advanced digital technologies.

KOSMOS is a matt surface obtained through new generation high-performance grits. The resulting tile will be antislip R9-R12, acid resistant, and a high-transit material.

It’s an easy-to-use product, with high production consistency and suitable for the smallest airless nozzles, for precision and uniformity in application. It is perfect to enrich ceramic surfaces for both indoor and outdoor placement. Beyond the surprising softness to the touch, the outcome is 100% light reflection free.

KOSMOS ROCK is tailored for stone-effect functional surfaces. Suitable for airless application and tested for outdoor placement.

KOSMOS VELVET is an especially soft finishing, obtained through small grain size grits and as such may be applied for both airless and digital application. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor placement.

BRP are semi-crystallized technical grits designed for high abrasion and chemical agents resistance. They are either matt or satin, and either clear or white. They allow for different surface effects, from the smoothest and softest for indoor materials to the slip resistant for high transit and outdoor tiles.
They are suitable for polishing and many among them strengthen colour shades from digital printing inks.

The specific weight consistency guarantees miscibility between components belonging to the same range, avoiding separation problems and consequent shade changes. Core strengths of our grits are: optimal flowing properties, consistent specific weight and acid attack resistance.