The Kolla series includes the glue product range from Vetriceramici. The whole range is made by products with strong and up to very strong adhesive power and reduced drying times.

All materials offer easily applicable solutions with all digital machines in the market to create customized and easily recognized products.

Thanks to three different glue types we offer the possibility to take advantage of this application in every segment of the glazing line: from just after the dryer at 100° C up to the decorating segment and to the dry application for full lappato tiles

It has a strong adhesion power and this allows for it to be the most versatile and suitable for any application, even when the tile temperature is around 100°C. In particular, it has been studied to have a good design definition, and, as such, it is especially recommended for reliefs and decoration.

Low-emission glue with an intermediate formulation between solvent-and water-based glues. Suitable for cutting down chimney emissions without having to completely change the polarity of the digital printer

Water-based glue allowing to drastically reduce emissions and odours at the chimney. Perfect to produce dry-application full lappato, but also suitable for the creation of decoration and reliefs.