Born from a minimal concept of formal rigor, with satin metals, large stained glass windows and aseptic white walls. Today, it is reborn with a totally different mood, with aged metals, bookshelves full of books and recycled objects from flea markets reliving their past glory, standing beside a large mirror-like shiny structure made of large polished ceramic slabs that creates that perfect blend of contaminations and ideas that are the basis of today’s life. This is our Show Room, an elegant environment yet rich of elements of various style, cozy and lively, in harmony with our materials.

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For Vetriceramici the idea is always the foundation but never the end …. a good idea always comes from a dream …. Our dream is to produce materials to achieve natural surfaces. This can only be done with a team that believes and shares ideas and results by making technique and experience meet. This is what distinguishes us and makes us so different.

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