In recent years companies have shown a strong focus on floorings for outdoor areas, both for private and public use. The best way to meet this increasing demand, rather than developing different products for indoor and outdoor application, is to propose different finishing solutions widening the intended use of the material and making it more versatile and easier to handle.

In addition, now more than ever, legal requirements pay attention to the anti-slip properties of ceramic floors, which, first and foremost, must ensure safety inside homes. Two are the solutions developed by Vetriceramici to this purpose:

  • by glaze – R11 Soft Touch

  • by crushed frit – Korium Rock

“Chianca”, a traditional, classic, evergreen product is an icon that is hardly considered out of style, especially on the American market. Actually, Chianca well fits into the range of traditional products, such as Rapolano stones, French stones and travertine. A truthful reproduction of these materials is not a difficulty in terms of graphics (with digital processes doubts are excluded), but rather in the research of a perfect balance between matt surface, low light reflectivity, softness to the touch, anti-slipperiness (R11), easy cleaning” Chianca was specially developed to this end with an enamel-based material that meets all these requirements. We are talking about the new enamel R11 Soft Touch.

Even for Green Paint, we created R11 Soft Touch, an enamel that offers a pleasant tactile experience coupled with a high coefficient in the slip resistance scale (R11).

A high degree of slip resistance for a ceramic surface often results in a loss of softness to the touch but not in this case. The guarantee of safety even in the greatest risk environments is in fact combined with a solution of remarkable elegance, high strength and SOFTNESS to the touch.


Its main features are already highlighted in its name. R11 Soft Touch is the outcome of exhaustive laboratory researches aimed at developing a new surface finishing to widen the range of alternatives available for existing collections or simply to create new finishing options.

All materials are available at the Vetriceramici showroom.