SUGARTIME is a mix of technical grits specially developed to obtain textured finishings to be used for different purposes in a versatile way. Resulting from in-house research, it is designed to create specific aesthetic finishings for traditional and digital applications. (EvoDry Fix – DDG).

Labradorite Precious – Sugartime

Our goal for labradorite, for example, was to obtain a “glittery”, sugar-like surface enriching the stone in a way different from the usual polished or satin finish.

SUGARTIME offers several advantages.

Based on the quantity of material applied and the application process, that can be digital or traditional, it creates rich and clearly distinguished textured surfaces, with a fine tuning of the level of transparency and offering solutions both for INDOOR and OUTDOOR. SUGARTIME enhances colour rendering, without affecting or altering the colour of the ink.

Labradorite Cristallo, for example, is made in hexachrome with Pink and Green ink.

The hardness of these materials is a guarantee for an excellent technical resistance and makes them suitable for polishing and lapping treatments.

Materials, examples and tiles are available in our showroom.