The Ceramic Industry Lab 4.0

Innovation and experimentation need appropriate skills, tools and advice in order to keep up with the fast pace of the contemporary world. And the world of ceramics is no exception.

In Vetriceramici’s technology hub the ideal conditions are created to trigger the processes that enable implementation of production technologies designed to improve working conditions, create new business models, increase plant productivity and improve product quality. It is a reference point placed at the disposal of Italian and international ceramics manufacturers who aim to be key players in the evolution towards Industry 4.0

In the Fiorano hub, located in the Sassuolo ceramics district, we have created a centre specialised in experimenting with new technologies and solutions for the global ceramics market.

Each piece of equipment is made available to customers and partners to achieve maximum efficiency in testing and experimentation geared towards digital installations, the start-up of new plants or machinery, and the exploration of novel application variants

The facility is equipped with a press, a glaze grinding department, a glazing line, state-of-the-art digital application machines, grit blasting machines, a kiln and a complete sanding line, all complemented by a series of dedicated workshops.

Being part of the hub also means you can find assistance and technical support from experienced staff who will provide advice on how to increase the quality of results and optimise turnaround times. In this respect, customers and their needs drive the research processes, since the goal is a shared one.

Fiorano Technological Hub, the centre of technological innovation for the ceramics industry: come and experience it for yourselves.

New digital installations
New machinery start-ups
New production plant start-ups
Experimentings with new application options


1. Press with SACMI DIGIDRAWER “DGD” feeder carriages for digital decoration

2. Wet glaze grinding department

3. Continuous glazing/decorating line for formats of up to 60×120 equipped with:

  • Airless cabin
  • PROJECTA SITI B&T DRYFIX 1200 (water base technology)
  • Sacmi Tech DDG 922 (water base technology)
  • CREADIGIT XXL Infinity SYSTEM (water base technology)
  • Grit blasting machines

4. Firing kiln for different floor and coating technologies

5. BMR complete sanding line (10 heads) to obtain:

  • Glossy surfaces
  • Matt surfaces
  • Surfaces with peak lapping

6. Ceramics and technology laboratory fitted with the following equipment:

  • 8-printhead GPlotter Projecta
  • CreaLab System 12-printhead digital plotter
  • Powder moisture analysis
  • Determination of the specific density
  • Tensile strength
  • Surface characterisation (chemical and stain resistance; PEI; slip resistance)

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