Technological HUB

Located in Fiorano, within the area of Sassuolo, which is famously the most important ceramics research centre in the world, it was primarily set up to put the focus on the customer, supporting them with the tests and experiments they need.

It features a press, a glaze grinding department, a glazing line, digital application machines, a grit blasting machine, a kiln and a complete sanding line, as well as ceramic and high-tech laboratories. The Hub can provide assistance and full technical support to Italian and international customers who need to test out:


While NETWORKING WITH EVERYONE INVOLVED IN THE CERAMICS SUPPLY CHAIN, this high-tech centre actively works with installers to test out new process and product developments, new types of materials and new technologies.

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1) SACMI DIGIDRAWER “DGD” press with feeder carriages for digital decorations
The “DGD” digital decoration system has been developed for the controlled application of decorative materials (for example, atomised powders or chips) onto the ceramic base. These units help apply various types of powders up to size 60X120.

2) Wet glaze grinding department

3) Glazing line for sizes up to 60X120 and 80X80 cm, featuring airless and waterfall application

 4) Digital decoration line formed of 2 machines:

  • CREALAB SYSTEM for wet applications, featuring 12 printheads (6 Dimatix M and 6 Dimatix LHF) for applying colour inks and effects, glazes and engobes.
  • PROJECTA SITI B&T DRYFIX, an industrial printer for dry grit applications which can be focused on the relevant graphics, equipped with two bars, Seiko 1536L WB ver.2 upright printheads.

5) Full-surface grit blasting machine, with the option of applying grits with different grain sizes

6) Firing kiln for different floor and coating technologies
This kiln is particularly flexible in managing firing cycles and can operate at low temperatures for materials ranging from third-firing to porous single-fired tiles, as well as at the high temperatures required for porcelain stoneware.

7) BMR complete sanding line
Our sanding line is equipped with 10 heads that help produce full-surface glossy finishes for glazed and unglazed porcelain stoneware products. The different surfaces available include:

  • glossy surfaces
  • semi-matt surfaces
  • matt surfaces
  • surfaces with peak lapping.

The finishing line has been equipped with a system for applying surface treatments for filling micro-pores.

8) Ceramics and high-tech laboratory
The laboratory is equipped with machines for testing the characteristics of raw materials, such as:

  • 8-printhead Projecta plotter: 4 Seiko 1536M and 4 Seiko 1536L WB ver.2
  • powder moisture analysis
  • grain size analysis (Mastersizer 3000)
  • establishing the specific density of powders;
  • ultimate tensile strength;
  • establishing abrasion resistance;
  • establishing the expansion coefficient.