Tecgnological Tiles and Products for Vetriceramici

During the Cersaie fair, several tiles resulting from projects carried on with the main ceramic machinery suppliers were also on display. Their aim was not just to show a finished product from the aesthetic side, but first and foremost to show the progress made in ceramic tile technology and plant engineering. The following four proposals coming from working with Italian machinery suppliers fall within this category:


A 1200 x 2400 mm slab made in partnership with SACMI’s  DDG technology. The main feature for this product is about decorating the slab through the application of a digitally designed glue pattern and then a mixture of Vetriceramici coloured grits at a calibrated grain size. The slab could then be either honed or polished (both shiny and matt finishes can be obtained), and then suitably treated for surface protection. What surprises of this project is the possibility to customise the slab with specific designs to couple products to decoration. In the case of Tech 1, the products used belong to the DM series, neutral and coloured grits of our own production. Available in the Vetriceramici showroom.


Tech 2 was a project for which we joined with the SITI B&T Technological Centre, in the size of 1000×3000 mm and 18 mm thickness full mass. The idea was to reproduce natural black granite with a mixture of highly vitrified spray-dried powders and flakes. The high percentage of flake-shaped materials in the body composition, beyond 15%, produces a similar appearance to natural granite and allows for the same processing as for countertop marbles. Available in the Vetriceramici showroom.


TECH 3 is a porcelain stoneware 600×1200 mm slab decorated through SACMI technology. Our focus was showing grit application directly on Continua slabs without the use of expensive and time-consuming roll technology for tile relief changing. The product is a rough plastered concrete with sparse decorative stripes. The pictures we show for this product display a clear example of the application possibilities both in terms of matter deposition and depth and of design definition that, considering the technology involved here, sounds very interesting indeed. Available in the Vetriceramici showroom.


Mr. Brownstone/Tech 4  is an external-use product in the 600×600 size, 20 mm thickness coming from the partnership with LB Technology In this case, the choice was for a two-colour full mass cobblestone with a through vein. The mixture charged in the sequence and programmed on the vertical feeder receives a further addition of spray-dried material with the “NATURETECH” kit to obtain the vein going through the whole mass of the tile, something that is much appreciated by the market in order to closely reproduce marbles and natural stones, a technological trending theme nowadays. Available in the Vetriceramici showroom.

Mr. Brownstone – Tech 4 (Bicolore)