The possibilities offered by the new digital era are most evident in the education and training sector. Informed use of these new technological tools has the immediate result of making it possible to create stimulating experiences in education, learning and the contagious transmission of knowledge.

Within this revolution are dynamics which touch on many areas, not just those linked with innovation. Change is, indeed, intended in a cultural sense, therefore with a very wide range of action which encompasses humanistic values, to be understood precisely as specific personal values.

It is a concept which we must manage to bring into our organisations in order to evolve towards day-to-day situations in which we are not looking for know-how, or knowing in order to do, but the loftier and delicate goal of knowledge for knowledge’s sake.

In Vetriceramici’s hub and laboratories, research into new solutions is an experience which we choose to share with customers and partners, for a constant exchange of ideas with the goal of widespread learning which is useful to everyone.

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