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Vitaminica Collection

Presentazione della Collezione Vitaminica

We are making a strong and different mark to show the colour of our new-found freedom after months of being constrained in enclosed spaces. Now we can make space for energy once again, for it to expand and become a creative expression fed by new life-blood.

We have been inspired by four trends – come and discover them in our collection, where colour and surfaces take leading roles, like vitamins to make you happy.

The occasion is the new Vetriceramici presentation which will be inaugurated on Friday 6 May at 10:00 a.m. at the Annovi Contemporary Art Gallery in Sassuolo.

Visits require an invitation, and will be accompanied by our personnel.

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The new Vetriceramici Presentation, entitled Collezione Vitaminica, will be hosted in an innovative and original frame: the Annovi Contemporary Art Gallery in Sassuolo. The choice to put on an event similar to the “Fuorisalone” comes from Vetriceramici’s desire to enhance and make the most of the local area, creating a virtuous circle of reciprocal influence. The Annovi Gallery is a contemporary artistic space in which we have found energy, creativity and research, all values which are part of our company’s lifeblood.

During our stay in the gallery, parallel exhibitions by young Italian artists will be held on the topic of colour, to represent the unique and creative “energy vitamins” which characterise the Vitaminica Collection.


The colour tones of the trends which have inspired the Vitaminica Collection reference us to the natural world, invite us to take care of body and mind, and allow us to rediscover the aesthetics of Italian style.


Design which looks back at the trends of the past, bringing with it a reassuring authenticity. We have chosen spaces which recount the affinity with tradition, characterised by curved shapes, ribbing and bold colours, to evoke pleasingly familiar environments. The link with that which is behind us, but we still talk about, contributes to our sense of belonging and gives value to our daily lives.


The world around us can represent the inclination towards an ecological sensitivity, in close and intimate connection with nature. The choice of mineral, wood and earth tones are the premise for a redeeming immersion, in which the deriving well-being is deep and characterises our environments. In nature, everything is lean and essential and nothing is accessory, and this ideal equilibrium conveys positive sensations, such as that of the pleasing feel of the surfaces, which help create harmony with the places in which we reside.


The natural gestures of mothers as they take care of their children, full of affection, represent one of the typical aspects of femininity, that which is expressed through care of people, in the attention towards those who are part of our community. Design Therapy is linked to this world, because it aims to increase the sense of well-being thanks to a skilful combination of colours, materials and finishes. Empathy thus becomes a dominant motif also in the aesthetics of this reassuring trend.


Finally we are ready to conquer new spaces, completely different from those we have had to remain in for many long weeks at a time. The confines disappear in all directions, allowing us to flee from the quotidian regularity to explore surfaces which evoke an extraordinary, almost extra-terrestrial, aesthetic. You will want to encounter new worlds, following the tracks of materials which are fascinating in their imperfection, the strongly three-dimensional nature of their texture and articulated structures. The atmospheres will be as all-enveloping as a lunar night, elegant in their colours and with a particularly intensity, to provide the ideal company for a journey towards the stars.


Grit, ink, special processing methods: behind the new product offering is a surprising combination of elements, fruit of the research and development department’s experience.


With the Vitaminica Collection we are presenting a new all-satin surface which is soft to the touch but which offers excellent slip-resistance to R9 – R12, created thanks to KOSMOS 46. This material is easy to use and reliable in production, ideal for enriching ceramic surfaces for both indoor and outdoor environments. In addition to being surprisingly soft to the touch, the effect obtained is totally glare free, a peculiarity of TERRA ANTICA, an evolution of Terra Cruda which owes its particular aesthetics precisely to KOSMOS 46.


Another example of a satin-finish surface is AMAZZONIA. In this case, the result derives from the optimisation of the combination of different applications and materials to obtain the MATT NUDE effect. Combinations of surface grits and special lapping processes provide an effect which is natural, but above all NON POROUS. The brilliant green, similar to natural stone, is obtained with the use of the new Green ink from the PALLADIO Series, on the other hand.


At the last Cersaie trade fair we launched the concept of the creation of BEFORE & AFTER 3D Structures. 3D AFTER indicates the use of grit after the digital decoration in order to simulate structures and emphasise the graphics of the manufactured product. In the Vitaminica Collection, the best 3D After result is perfectly represented by NETTUNO.  What really makes this product special is the use of KOSMIK BLACK, a black grit coloured during fusion which emphasises the black colour while making it deeper and more uniform.


3D BLACK stone, a highly structured and graphically complex lamellar quartzite which we have decided to create by applying grit before the digital decoration, 3D BEFORE. The materials applied to create this product are our world-famous DESIGN grits, with the final application of KOSMOS 46.


LULLABY is a product which best shows off what can be achieved with the SEGNO range of Digital Effects inks – a fantastic wallpaper created using 3D AFTER technology. The foliage and background stripes are recreated with selective application of matt and gloss grits which provide richness and texture to this product.


New tones for a material which has evolved from more traditional colour schemes towards on-trend solutions with more vivid colours. BATTUTO VERDE offers new and original possibilities for a surface which is already recognised as traditional, but is suitable for use in context with a more marked contemporary accent.

Its versatility is amplified by the two available variants. The polished finish, made with KRYSTAL PLUS, brings out the transparency effects in combination with the new Green ink from the PALLADIO series.

The satin finish is the perfect balance between polishing tools and materials, with the goal of creating a totally satin and non-porous finish. The end result is called B-FASE.